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Activity and health

The exercises and ideas explored within this core element underpin the entire programme. Group members begin to recognise the relationship between activity, health and well-being, and start to consider this with regard to their own lifestyles. They look at the impact of ageing on their roles and routines, the timing of particular activities in relation to energy levels and begin to establish personal goals.

Throughout, emphasis is placed on encouraging the group to engage in the sharing of experiences and in reflection. Through this process participants can begin to gain a sense of the range of resources and personal experiences on which they can draw. Many of the concepts explored within this aspect of the programme are repeated in later sessions but it is important for the group to grasp these central ideas and the individual interventions which are a feature of Lifestyle Matters can provide the medium to revisit these in the context of the participants’ individual lifestyles.

The initial sessions in this section of the manual offer a range of activities that can be undertaken to explore ideas underpinning the relationship between occupation and health. The final element draws together these topics to maximise participants’ understanding as the group members begin to put their ideas into practise and to identify individual goals and dreams that they can work towards.