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Occupational therapists are ideally qualified to deliver the programme.  Lifestyle Matters also piloted the delivery of the programme to one group by therapy assistants under the supervision of a qualified occupational therapist.   The research confirmed that that therapy assistants with relevant background experience could successfully deliver the programme if properly trained and supervised Nevertheless, trained occupational therapists are more able to recognise and provide a timely response to health needs. 

It is important that all facilitators have:

How many facilitators are required?

Two facilitators can bring different and complementary viewpoints, professional ideologies, personality types, skills and interests. Two members of staff ensure continuity so that the group is not disrupted should one of the facilitators be absent.  In our recent study facilitators described how they were able to share tasks including preparation, booking transport and sharing administration. Before working together to deliver the programme, facilitators will need to spend time familiarising themselves with the programme, the underpinning principles of the approach, and how they can work together to deliver it.  Training in the delivery of the programme will support this process.