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This element of the web-resource places the Lifestyle Matters programme in a broader context. A brief overview of global ageing and ways that ageing is conceptualised is provided along with what the broader evidence tells us about the factors that impact on the ageing process and what is known about how to support people to age well.

The element of the resource entitled ‘Ageing well a policy perspective’ signposts you to national and international guidance relating to healthy ageing and this will be useful if you are writing applications to apply for funding to establish groups or services based on Lifestyle Matters.

Before looking at these materials it is helpful to explore your own attitudes and perceptions of the ageing process. For a few moments consider the following questions:

These are important questions as our perceptions and preconceptions of what it means to grow older can impact both on our own ageing process as well and how we relate to older people. Now watch the video: ‘Older peoples’ perspectives on ageing’ which captures the thoughts and experiences of some of the older people who have taken part in the programme. When you have done this revisit your answers.